Hachioji City, located in the southwest region of Tokyo, is the second largest city in Tokyo with a size of 186.4 square kilometers. This is about 25% of the land area of Singapore. The population of the city is around 560,000, which is about 10% of the total population of Singapore.
If you're traveling to Hachioji City, it's about a 2-hour train or highway bus ride from Narita Airport, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Haneda Airport, about 40 minutes from Shinjuku, approximately 50 minutes from Yokohama, and approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from the nearest station to Mount Fuji.




Hachioji City is a town that has many historical resources remaining, such as Takaozan Yakuo-in Temple, which was founded more than 1200 years ago, and Hachioji Castle and Takayama Castle, which were built by the Hojo clan during the Warring States period.


The textile industry, including silk thread production, was the town's famous industry in the past. Silkworms were raised and raw silk and kimonos were produced, which were exported overseas, including silk thread, from Yokohama port. The town's culture grew alongside this industry. Although the number of geishas decreased for a while, it has started to recover again now.
Agriculture is also thriving in Hachioji City, making it a great place to experience both history and nature.




The most famous tourist spot is Mt. Takao. It is registered in the Michelin Green Guide as "the most climbed mountain in the world," and it is said that there are about 3 million climbers annually. It is also convenient to visit other tourist spots outside of Hachioji, such as the sake brewery tour in Fussa City, which is about an hour away, ski resorts in Yamanashi Prefecture, which are also about an hour away, and locations near Mt. Fuji, which are about an hour and 40 minutes away, as well as the hot spring town of Hakone, which is also about an hour and 40 minutes away.


There are over 20 accommodation facilities available, ranging from comfortable-class Keio Plaza Hachioji to more economical ones.



It is said that many people who were born in Hachioji often come back to the town even after they leave. Many entertainers, musicians, and comedians from Hachioji also support the town's PR, and now Hachioji is known as a "nationwide" town through the media.
When it comes to the climate, Hachioji is a typical basin area with hot summers and cold winters, which can be 3 to 5 degrees Celsius different from the center of Tokyo. Every year when Tokyo's first snow forecast is announced, various television reporters gather at Hachioji Station to report the first snow.


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